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Skin Problems And Causes

Healthy body is something that is very expensive. Now these various appear regardless of age, sex and can affect any part of the body. One of them is the Disorders of the skin. Skin diseases are often experienced by most people. Different things can be the cause of this skin disorder include unhealthy lifestyle, living in slum areas that are vulnerable to bacteria and germs, including environmental and climate could also be the cause. Here are the types of disorders of the skin problems and causes:

Skin Problems And Causes

Skin problems and causes

There are several types of Disorders of the skin and cause you need to know. By knowing the type and the cause then you can figure out a solution to resolve the issue. Here are some of them:


The next skin disorder is scabies or commonly known as scabies. This skin disease is a contagious skin. Transmission of the disease can be transmitted through clothing, bed linen, towels and others. Symptoms that will be experienced by sufferers are the scab, itching tang severe and usually occurs at night. This is typically caused by the movement of the mite Sarcoptes scabiei. Parts of the body commonly affected by scabies are the hips, thighs, armpits, interrupted part of the fingers, feet and hands. This skin disorder commonly suffered by people who live in slums and those who are less concerned about the cleanliness of the body. Therefore, keep the cleanliness of your body, in addition to the environment also needs to be kept clean in order to avoid interference from skin diseases.


Ulcer is a skin irritation that a bulge red. And usually this bulge will swell and will feel the heat. The ulcer is caused by bacteria called Staphilococcus aureus on the skin such as oil glands, sweat causing infection. Additionally, ulcers can also arise due to lack of maintaining cleanliness, pore blockage caused by excessive cosmetic and can also be caused by diabetes. This skin disorder usually appear on parts of the body like the armpits, legs, back and others.


Acne is one of the problems experienced by most people. Acne experienced by those who have oily skin types. This is caused by bacteria that live in the pores below the skin has oil glands. With the appearance of acne will obviously disrupt your comfort. besides acne appears on the face may also appear in other body parts.

Importance of Maintaining Healthy Skin

Skin disease can happen to anyone. For those who experience these problems must have been very disturbing to your appearance. This skin disease appears due to unconsciousness you to maintain the cleanliness of your own body and do not really care about your health. This is what causes disturbances of skin diseases such as mentioned above can arise.

Once you know the type of skin irritation and cause, then you can figure out a solution or a way out to resolve the issue. To prevent skin problems come back, start now change your bad habits that lack of attention to cleanliness.


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