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Closing Eyes During Shalah (Prayer). Is it Allowed?

Some people close their eyes during shalah (prayer) to feel more khusyu’. It is allowed ? so then how islam regulate if we close our eyes while praying ?

Many hadists have explained that closing eyes during salah is an act of makrooh, for instance in hadist which has been narrated by Ibn Abbas (RA) that Rasulullah (peace be upon him) said, “ when one of you stands up in Salah, he should not close his eyes.” (Tabarani). However, this hadist is not very strong (Dhaif).

Related to this matter, the Messenger of Allah, Rasulullah SAW has ever prayed while in front of him there was pictorial curtain. Therefore, he instructed Aisyah to remove the marked gordyn because it has disturbed the prayer.

Closing Eyes During Shalah

It was like a tolerable for us that one kind of way to improve our concentration during shalah is by clear away or avoid anything which can interrupt our prayer, including take off the pictorial gordyn or prevent our sight from the images or any decorations in front of us by closing the eyes.

Hence, if shalah with opening eyes can disrupt our heart being submissively attuned to Allah, it is allowed to close eyes during prayer. If someone cannot keep khusyu’ except close his eyes, then we cannot claim necessarily that it is kind of bid’ah.

Ustadz Ibnul Qayyim said about this matter in Fiqhus Sunnah that if by opening the eyes will be an obstacle to keep khusyu’ in shalah because of marks, distractions , or any kind which can disturb his/ her heart, it is not makrooh to close the eyes.

I suggest, if it is possible, to avoid or remove any interferences far away from us before do prayerwhichcan disturb our khusyu’. However, If it is not possible, shalah while closing eyes can just be an alternative to keep khusyu’ as an opinion delivered by Ibnu Qayyim. Wallahu A’lam


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