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Easy Weight Loss Success - Changing Your Habits

If you’re serious about losing weight and improving your health through an easy weight loss program, you have to make some changes. Don’t panic – these don’t have to be drastic. However, these changes will essentially involve your existing habits and attitudes.

Your habits may be so well grooved that they are a permanent feature of your life. They feel natural and you don’t give them much thought.

Get Active!

We tend to overestimate how physically active we are. You may need to rethink and readjust your habits. For instance, you may believe that your daily saunter with the dog is enough for your fitness. It’s not that everyday activities are ineffective: the Chief Medical Officer’s report, ‘Health of the Nation’, clearly stated that activities such as walking and gardening are sufficient to incur health benefits.

The problem, however, is that the way we do these activities may not always be vigorous enough to produce real health benefits, let alone easy weight loss.

In lots of documented research, time and time again surveyed respondents believed they were ‘doing enough’ and that they were ‘physically active’. On closer examination, however, the intensity and progression needed to provide health improvements and weight loss were missing. Seventy per cent of the respondents said the changes they primarily sought were weight loss and health improvements.
Despite putting in time and effort to improve their health, they didn’t achieve the results they sought. This lack of results creates a sense of frustration and an element of “what’s the use?

’So, on your easy weight loss plan, you may need to develop some new habits and attitudes. The great news is that some of the core habits you need may already be in place, but just need a little tweaking.

Stop kidding yourself you are doing enough and start making your actions count.
Together, all your habits and attitudes can lead you to an achievable major change to your health, your weight and how you feel about yourself.


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