How to Make a Bold, Italic, and Strikethrough For Your Status On Google Plus

Are you among those who liked or active on Google Plus? This time I will share about how to create bold, italic, and strikethrough on Google Plus.

As we know, Google Plus is one of the major social media in the world and Indonesia. Google Plus is great because tilled by one of the giant world of information technology and the Internet ie Google. Application embedded on any android smartphone and can not be removed to make Android users always know and not a few who try and till now become active in social media this Google+.

This time, I will present you ways to create bold, italic, and strikethrough on Google Plus

1. How to Make Thick Letter On Google Plus
To make bold to Google Plus, you can add an asterisk (*) in front of and behind the sentence. For example, *bold letter* the text that will appear to be bold letter

2. How To Make Italic On Google Plus
To make italics on Google Plus you can add a symbol or sign i underscore (_) in front of and behind the phrase you want. For example _italics letter_ the text that will appear will be italics letter

3. How to Make a strikethrough Letter On Google Plus
To make the letter streak on Google Plus you can add a dash (-) in front of and behind the phrase you want. For example -strikethrough letter- the text that will appear to be writing strikethrough letter

Well, that is the way to make bold italic and strikethrough on google plus. I hope it be useful for you :)

Closing Eyes During Shalah (Prayer). Is it Allowed?

Some people close their eyes during shalah (prayer) to feel more khusyu’. It is allowed ? so then how islam regulate if we close our eyes while praying ?

Many hadists have explained that closing eyes during salah is an act of makrooh, for instance in hadist which has been narrated by Ibn Abbas (RA) that Rasulullah (peace be upon him) said, “ when one of you stands up in Salah, he should not close his eyes.” (Tabarani). However, this hadist is not very strong (Dhaif).

Related to this matter, the Messenger of Allah, Rasulullah SAW has ever prayed while in front of him there was pictorial curtain. Therefore, he instructed Aisyah to remove the marked gordyn because it has disturbed the prayer.

Closing Eyes During Shalah

It was like a tolerable for us that one kind of way to improve our concentration during shalah is by clear away or avoid anything which can interrupt our prayer, including take off the pictorial gordyn or prevent our sight from the images or any decorations in front of us by closing the eyes.

Hence, if shalah with opening eyes can disrupt our heart being submissively attuned to Allah, it is allowed to close eyes during prayer. If someone cannot keep khusyu’ except close his eyes, then we cannot claim necessarily that it is kind of bid’ah.

Ustadz Ibnul Qayyim said about this matter in Fiqhus Sunnah that if by opening the eyes will be an obstacle to keep khusyu’ in shalah because of marks, distractions , or any kind which can disturb his/ her heart, it is not makrooh to close the eyes.

I suggest, if it is possible, to avoid or remove any interferences far away from us before do prayerwhichcan disturb our khusyu’. However, If it is not possible, shalah while closing eyes can just be an alternative to keep khusyu’ as an opinion delivered by Ibnu Qayyim. Wallahu A’lam

Pendapatan iPhone melebihi Smartphone Android

Untuk persaingan pada pasar smartphone memang sangat sulit ditentukan siapa yang berhasil merauk keuntungan yang besar dan siapa yang menjadi terpopuler. Apabila kita lihat produk terbaru dari berbagai vendor sangat banyak dipamerkan baru-baru ini, mulai dari harga murah dan spesifikasi yang lumayan, ada juga harga yang standart tetapi memiliki kecanggihan yang melebihi smartphone yang mempunyai harga di atasnya adapun smartphone yang unikyang memang di design untuk menjadikan perangkat itu beda dari yang lain.
Baca Juga : HP RAM 3GB
Untuk membicarakan teknologi di dunia ini tidak akan pernah ada hentinya, setiap hari di seluruh negara sepertinya sedang membuat gebrakan baru untuk pameran perdana dari produk mereka yang akan menggebrak pasar dunia.

Membicarakan masalah penguasaan pasar smartphone di dunia, ternyata vendor yang sangat terkenal yaitu Samsung telah menduduki pasar smartphone dengan market share di atas Apple. Namun pihak Apple tidak gentar dengan pernyataan tersebut karena Apple tidak bediam diri begitu saja.
Kita bicara dari sisi pendapatan bukan vendor Samsung yang berhasil dalah hal pendapatan meskipun penjualan yang di hasilkan Samsung sangat besar, tetapi untuk pendapatan vendor Apple sangat jauh meninggalkan vendor-vendor pesaingnya. Maka dalam hal pendapatan smartphone Android memiliki harga jual yang jauh lebih rendah dibandingkan dengan Harga jual rata-rata Apple iPhone.
Pada hasil sebuah penelitian yang dilakukan ABI Research dan WSJ, menyatakan bahwa pada kuartal 2014 yang ke 4, Vendor Apple memdapatkan average selling price (ASP) sebesar $678. Sementara untuk angka yang diraih oleh produsen Android hanya mendapatkan ASP sebesar $254, selisih yang benar benar sangat jauh $433

Untuk perbincangan permasalahan Tren antara Apple dengan Smartphone Android semakin emningkat pada kuartal pertama 2014, dengan ASP yang diperoleh oleh Android diperkirakan berkisar $300 sampai $350, sementara itu untuk ASP Apple akan diperkirakan berada pada angka $600, dengan seperti itu meskipun penjualan Android melebihi Apple, tetapi penghasilan yang didapat Apple jauh lebih besar.

How to Remove Blackheads On Nose With Scrub

Freckles blackheads on the nose and chin. Blackheads Sometimes this makes sense or not comfortable because it can interfere with the appearance and itchy. Steps to remove blackheads can be done with regular facials, but certainly cost a lot and time-consuming. If that does not allow you to do, then you can try out how to clean up at nose blackheads naturally with a scrub or make your own.

How to Remove Blackheads On Nose With Scrub

There are several types of blackheads we need to know that black is also called a blackhead blackheads or open blackheads white is called whitehead or closed blackheads. Whitehead blackheads must be removed with a special tool by experts because it is below the surface of the skin, while the blackhead can be removed with a scrub as long as it is done regularly. For more details, here is how to remove blackheads on the nose with a scrub.

How to Remove Blackheads On Nose With Scrub

There are three ways to remove blackheads on the nose with a scrub that you can try. Perform routine for maximum results.

1. How to Remove Blackheads On Face With Cow Milk And Sugar Scrub

How to remove blackheads on the nose with a scrub, the first use of cow's milk and sugar. The cow's milk is used to make milk scrub is kind of buttermilk. Buttermilk selected because it contains a lot of lactic acid than regular milk. The lactic acid in milk is believed to facilitate the breakdown of dead skin cells which will erode when you clean your face. How to make a scrub of milk and sugar made ​​by mixing the two evenly. To use, apply the scrub on the skin of blackheads.

2. How to Remove Blackheads On Face With Baking Soda

How to get rid of blackheads on the face can also be done with a scrub made from baking soda. Besides baking soda, also need water. How to make a scrub to clean the face of blackheads is a mix of baking soda baking soda and enough water until it becomes cream. Before using this natural face scrub, wash your face first so the pores on the face open. After you clean your face, apply this natural face scrub cleanser on the skin area that a lot of blackheads. Rub the face gently with a circular motion for 3-5 minutes then rinse with clean water.

3. How to Remove Blackheads On Face With Lemon and Sugar

The third way to make natural facial cleansing scrub is to use lemon juice and sugar. To make it, squeeze the lemon juice and mix sugar and stir until blended. Lemon useful to brighten skin, while helpful for cleaning sugar and soften the skin. Once well blended, spread to the face in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes and then wash with water.

4. How to Remove Blackheads On Face With Honey

In contrast to the three ways above, which makes scrub cleanser blackheads naturally, the fourth way is done by making a face mask natural honey. The benefits of honey here as an antioxidant and antibacterial efficacious to remove blackheads well as acne. How to make a natural face mask of honey to remove blackheads is very easy, by simply rubbing honey on your face and stick cotton or facial tissue to dry. As it dries, pull cotton or tissue and then wash your face with water. You can see the blackheads stick to tissue or cotton.

That's 4 to remove blackheads on the nose with a scrub that you can do. The natural way is certainly cheaper, because the ingredients used easily obtained. In addition to this natural way, you will be free from risks such as skin irritation, flaking or itching.

How To Whiten Skin Lightening Face With Natural Supplements

Having skin white, clean and bright indeed become every woman's dream. Not surprisingly, many of those who try a variety of products such as face cream bleach or bleach body scrubs. But most of them just look on the bright side that whiten the skin and is not aware of the content of harmful substances such as compounds. The compound can damage the nervous system permanently brain, resulting in fetal development disorder that causes miscarriage or infertility, kidney failure etc.

How To Whiten Skin Lightening Face With Natural Supplements

In addition to harm the health, the use of facial cream bleach or bleach body scrubs are also sometimes causes skin irritation, such as heartburn and burning after using, dry skin.
To avoid such interference, it is good to try ways to whiten the face with a natural skin whitening supplement. Its use is safe, without misgivings side effects because the materials used are of natural origin that are not harmful to health. In addition, ways to whiten the face with a natural skin whitening supplement also does not cost very much, so it would not hurt you to try the following tips. (See also: How to whiten face Natural )

How To Whiten Skin Lightening Face With Natural Supplements

You can try one of the following natural skin whitening supplement this. How to whiten skin naturally and traditionally will provide maximum results if you regularly use.

1. From Natural Skin Whitening Supplements yam

Yam already widely used by the beauty industry, for example, from yam cream bleach, bleach scrubs of yam etc. Now, instead of you buying a facial whitening products are, how good you use yam directly. The material is easily accessible, are also cheap. So no more excuses if you do not try to supplement natural skin whitening of yam. How to make it pretty easy, just scrape grated yam and apply it to the whole body before bath for 15 minutes every day. The use of this yam is also one way to whiten the face in 1 week. Your skin will look whiter and brighter than before.

2. Supplement From Natural Skin Lightening Egg White And Lime

Natural skin whitening supplement the second is to use egg whites and lemon juice. Vitamin C in lime juice are believed to make the skin become white by accelerating the regeneration of skin cells so skin looks brighter. How to mix the bleach cream of both materials are fairly easy, but first prepare ingredients, namely 1 egg that has been separated and the egg white and 1 orange juice that has been squeezed.

Once the material has been prepared, beat the egg whites until it becomes foam and mix with the juice of lemon . How to whiten skin naturally and fast for women is beneficial to remove dead skin cells that can give a dull effect.

3. Supplement From Natural Skin Lightening Fruit Avocados

Vitamin C and E contained in fruit avocado merit in maintaining moisture and nourish and smooth the skin. Not only that, the efficacy and benefits of avocados in the world of beauty is also used as a whitening cream natural face and fight the effects of premature aging. To create a natural face cream of avocado way by mixing 1/2 avocado with 1 tablespoon of pure honey and 1 teaspoon of olive oil, then stir until well blended. Once formed avocado face mask, apply on face until blended for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water. Do 2 times a week during the morning for maximum results.

Well, that's the way to whiten the face with a natural skin whitening supplement. If you are dreaming of a white clean and bright, there is no harm in trying a way to whiten skin naturally and traditionally, as described above, but most importantly do not forget to keep your health.

In Champions League, Barcelona's Opponents Getting the Most Red Cards

FootBall - Barcelona could finally win over Atletico Madrid after being left behind on the goals from Fernando Torres. Barcelona could have scored two goals by Luis Suares in the second half.

Atletico Madrid may be very disappointed with this result. One of them due to the expulsion of Fernando Torres in minute 35. Many are disappointed with the performance of referee given no impartial referee to impose penalties

Marca reported that the Barcelona's opponents is the club getting the most red cards since the Champions League began. Recorded 30 red cards given referee to Barcelona's opponent. Here's a list of the club's most frequent opponents get red card

1. Barcelona (30 Red Cards)
2. Bayer Munich (20 Red Cards)
3. Arsenal (18 Red Cards)
4. Real Madrid (16 Red Cards)
5. PSV Eindhoven (16 Red Cards)

Both teams will meet again next week in the second leg will be held at the Vicente Calderon

Skin Problems And Causes

Healthy body is something that is very expensive. Now these various appear regardless of age, sex and can affect any part of the body. One of them is the Disorders of the skin. Skin diseases are often experienced by most people. Different things can be the cause of this skin disorder include unhealthy lifestyle, living in slum areas that are vulnerable to bacteria and germs, including environmental and climate could also be the cause. Here are the types of disorders of the skin problems and causes:

Skin Problems And Causes

Skin problems and causes

There are several types of Disorders of the skin and cause you need to know. By knowing the type and the cause then you can figure out a solution to resolve the issue. Here are some of them:


The next skin disorder is scabies or commonly known as scabies. This skin disease is a contagious skin. Transmission of the disease can be transmitted through clothing, bed linen, towels and others. Symptoms that will be experienced by sufferers are the scab, itching tang severe and usually occurs at night. This is typically caused by the movement of the mite Sarcoptes scabiei. Parts of the body commonly affected by scabies are the hips, thighs, armpits, interrupted part of the fingers, feet and hands. This skin disorder commonly suffered by people who live in slums and those who are less concerned about the cleanliness of the body. Therefore, keep the cleanliness of your body, in addition to the environment also needs to be kept clean in order to avoid interference from skin diseases.


Ulcer is a skin irritation that a bulge red. And usually this bulge will swell and will feel the heat. The ulcer is caused by bacteria called Staphilococcus aureus on the skin such as oil glands, sweat causing infection. Additionally, ulcers can also arise due to lack of maintaining cleanliness, pore blockage caused by excessive cosmetic and can also be caused by diabetes. This skin disorder usually appear on parts of the body like the armpits, legs, back and others.


Acne is one of the problems experienced by most people. Acne experienced by those who have oily skin types. This is caused by bacteria that live in the pores below the skin has oil glands. With the appearance of acne will obviously disrupt your comfort. besides acne appears on the face may also appear in other body parts.

Importance of Maintaining Healthy Skin

Skin disease can happen to anyone. For those who experience these problems must have been very disturbing to your appearance. This skin disease appears due to unconsciousness you to maintain the cleanliness of your own body and do not really care about your health. This is what causes disturbances of skin diseases such as mentioned above can arise.

Once you know the type of skin irritation and cause, then you can figure out a solution or a way out to resolve the issue. To prevent skin problems come back, start now change your bad habits that lack of attention to cleanliness.

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