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Diet Tips For The Best Way To Lose Weight

The best way to lose weight is to formulate a diet that helps you lose weight successfully now, but also means you’re going to be able to keep it off forever.

That doesn’t mean changing your eating habits, or cutting out all your favorite foods – it’s more about being aware of what you eat, and what effects the food will have in relation to the weight loss and ideal weight goals you have in mind.

Diet Tips For The Best Way To Lose Weight

Before you start a diet, here’s a few pointers to check that you’re diet is not actually doomed to failure before you even begin:

The diet must not be too expensive

Once again, there is no point in producing an effective diet if no-one can afford it. Unfortunately, junk food is inexpensive because it’s just that – junk. Remember, your body is your most important possession. If you give it rubbish, it stops working.

The diet must he practical It can’t take up too much time. The people at most risk of succumbing to fast (and therefore fattening) food are those in full-time jobs.

Unfortunately, no diet can compete for speed with pre-packaged foods, but if you can take just a little time out of your busy schedule to prepare the meals, you will be rewarded with the body you want, not the one that pre-packaged food has given you. And as an added bonus you will be healthier, fitter and much more self-confident.

You must not be hungry

The dieter’s nightmare – literally. On the majority of diets, the agitated dieter lives in the cheerless world of counting calories, constant pangs of hunger and daily guilt complexes over some minor dietary indiscretion – not to mention the torture of constantly thinking about food. On this type of diet you will not be hungry: your appetite will be satisfied by good food, and you will be very satisfied with the results.

The diet must not allow blood sugar to become lowLow blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) is the most common cause of the behavior pattern I have termed the ‘diet syndrome’: tiredness, fatigue, irritability, mood swings and irrational actions. It’s not just because you’re weak and hungry from lack of food, it’s because your blood sugar is low.

In fact, it’s all perfectly rational: when your blood sugar is low, the brain does not function properly (because brain cells use sugar for energy) and therefore you experience all of the symptoms described.

This must not be allowed to happen, or the diet will inevitably fail. Eventually you feel so weak you need to have some sugar – usually sweets or a cake – and the downward spiral begins again.
And last but by no means least:

The diet must maintain the weight loss. As we all know, many ‘starvation’ diets (because that’s what they are) are initially successful, but soon afterwards you regain all of the fat, usually with interest! So after suffering all that pain and discomfort, a few months later (or even less) you’re back to square one. And to cap it all, you are convinced it must be your fault for not sticking to the diet. In fact, as I’ll explain, it isn’t your fault; the weight would have come back anyway, because you haven’t lost fat, you’ve lost protein.


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